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Below are the prizes available to win, as well as the prizes recently won by Triplejack players.
Unless noted, these prizes are available to current Power Players. (excluding trial period)
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Upcoming Prize Tournaments
Current Time: Apr 18 3:40pm CST

TournamentNotesStarts At
$50,000 Chip Bonus Tournament      4:45pm CST (in 1h 4m)   
Runs every 5 hours   
Apple iPad Qualifier   Wins Ticket: IPADFINALS, Wins: 1,000 Free Jacks   6:00pm CST (in 2h 19m)   
Runs every 4 hours   
$25 iTunes Gift Card Qualifier   Wins Ticket: ITUNES, Wins: 500 Free Jacks   7:00pm CST (in 3h 19m)   
Runs every 4 hours   
Daily Free Jacks Mixed Game   Wins: 8,150 Free Jacks, Variant: Mixed   2:30am CST (in 10h 49m)   
Runs every 23 hours   
$25 iTunes Gift Card Finals   Prize: $25 iTunes Gift Card, Requires Ticket: ITUNES   Apr 19 1:00pm CST   
Runs every 3 weeks   
Daily Free Jacks Tournament   Wins: 8,150 Free Jacks   Apr 19 1:30pm CST   
Runs every 23 hours   
Greedy Pig 25K Buy-in   Buy-in: 25,000   Apr 20 12:00am CST   
Runs every week   
Cards In Space   Buy-in: 1,000   Apr 20 12:00pm CST   
Runs every week   
(Auto-updated 3:40pm CST)

        Prizes To Win          Prizes Won     
Prizes Won
Prizes FAQ
Apple iPadMTT Prizegrrrrrrrr
Apple iPadMTT Prize_toff33_
$499 via Western Union or 683,561 JacksMTT PrizeOdino
Apple iPadMTT PrizeCaptainCanada
$499 via Western Union or 683,561 JacksMTT PrizeComplexus
$499 via Western Union or 683,561 JacksMTT PrizeR0B1N
Apple iPadMTT Prizeno_1_knows_me
$499 via Western Union or 683,561 JacksMTT PrizeMySwaGGerrrrrr99
$499 or 683,561 JacksMTT PrizeR0B1N
$499 or 683,561 JacksMTT Prize_A_S_T_R_O_
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